Please Help… For Rijah, Love & Strength To “Drop Kick” Breast Cancer

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I do feel like this situation has the potential to be a crisis, one that can be avoided.

I am sure you cannot remember the last time I asked you to support someone. I don’t do this very often and when I do it is someone close to me and often a self-employed artist dealing with some major health crisis. So with that disclaimer, I hope you will take a moment to read this.

I want to ask you to support my BFF Rijah, she is dealing with breast cancer and plainly put, she has exhausted her financial means and need some help over the next few months.

Please visit my fundraising page,, it was hard for her to let me do this for her. She is proud and has always supported herself and her three kids on her own, so asking for help from anyone or anywhere is really hard for her to do. I keep telling her this is what family and community does to support our creative and brilliant shining stars, like her.

Life is great for me in Seattle even though my I miss my New England/Boston friends, my Goddard alums and advisors, I miss that magic, and I want life to be great for Rijah as it has been for me these last few months.

Please take a moment and share what you can.

Thanks Gunner

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